21 Days ‘til Christmas: The Santa Clause (1994)

Down the chimney? You want me to take the toys down the chimney, into a strange house, in my underwear?

“It kills me that I won’t be able to go up to every single person who has ever turned my song up when it comes on the radio and say “Thank you, you’ve helped me out”, because that’s what I feel like doing. I mean, it’s kind of overwhelming to think that there are hundreds and thousands of people… Who, you know, are supporting me right now and I won’t know their names.”

It’s one of those things that still doesn’t seem real. You just take out a new lease on life and you realize that he’s smiling down on us. We all have nothing but the truth, which is he was one of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met—generous, loving, kind—and that’s how he’ll always be remembered.

Dianna on working with Naya


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